In response to the steady decline of a once-thriving steel industry, Greater Pittsburgh Community Food Bank opened their doors in June 1980. Their mission is to feed people in need and mobilize their community to eliminate hunger.

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At the close of 2019, Greater Pittsburgh Community Food Bank (GPCFB) was making the move to replace their online fundraising vendor. When they began searching for a new online fundraising platform, Qgiv was the only one that had the customizable, out-of-the-box solution they were looking for.

Just as they finished migrating their donor information and setting up their online forms with Qgiv to start their 2020 fundraising, the COVID-19 pandemic hit. The food bank quickly became the center of local and national media attention, with frequent features on the news as thousands of people and vehicles lined up for miles along the roadways for emergency food assistance.


Partnering with Qgiv helped GPCFB take its online fundraising to the next level. With Qgiv’s peer-to-peer platform and donation forms, they were able to easily customize forms and conduct modified team and individual fundraising campaigns, support recurring donations, and utilize social sharing options with customizable fundraising pages.


As a result of the collaboration and support of their three technology partners—Qgiv, DonorPerfect, and One&All—GPCFB raised over $27 million this past fiscal year, far surpassing their goal of $11 million.

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