Taylor Millspaugh

Business Development Specialist

Big Brothers Big Sisters Rhode Island


“The thing I really love about Qgiv is if I have a problem, question, concern or idea, I can call them and they help us by walking us through the process and teaching us. I feel like they are a part of our team. We also have so much positive feedback on our platform now from both donors and members of staff. It’s super user friendly and everyone just really enjoys Qgiv. We have a variety of age groups using it, so millennials and older folks can easily navigate the platform.

We used the text-to-donate tool for our scholarship luncheon. We had a goal of about $1,500, and we far exceeded that goal just from text donations. People were really interested in that. We also use Qgiv for our donation page and our peer-to-peer fundraising activities. We’re able to clone the events, so I don’t have to spend a lot of time recreating an event with the same criteria as a previous one. It definitely saves me a lot of time!”

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