Brooke Fornea

Director of Marketing

Brother Wolf Animal Rescue

Before Qgiv, we were really grassroots, with very basic campaigns. One of the best things about Qgiv is that it automatically talks to our donor database. That integration was one of the main reasons we decided to go to Qgiv. It takes massive amounts of data entry away, and that’s a huge time saver.

We stay with Qgiv because there are always new features coming out. We love the way the new donation forms look! We love GiftAssist because it makes a big difference on the backend for us and saves us thousands of dollars every year. We love the integration with our donor database. We love using the thermometers, especially with matching donations. We love that we can make different pages for all the specific donor segments and brand them to our program. Putting relevant imagery for specific programs helps compel people to donate. It’s so easy to customize, change, and update to stay within our branding guidelines.

Qgiv makes it really easy to look good. It looks like you have a bigger team than you have, and that can make donors feel more comfortable giving.

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