What’s Up With All of Those Facebook Donation Options?

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Confused by all of the donation options on Facebook? Yeah, we get it. We did a little research and put together this quick guide for you, which includes information about our Facebook integration that places your Qgiv donation form right on your Facebook page.

Let’s take a look at Facebook’s options first:

  1. Donations to US-based charitable organizations that have been approved to receive donations through Facebook Payments aren’t currently assessed a fee by Facebook. Keep in mind that a small fee may be applied by a third-party payment processor. This fee waiver also doesn’t cover donations that are made off of Facebook.
    • Payouts for Facebook Payments are made once a minimum donation payout amount is reached. Payout occurs on a bi-weekly basis via a wire transfer (ACH/direct deposit) to the organization’s bank account. If donations don’t reach the minimum payout amount of $100, the funds will roll over until the amount reaches the minimum.
  2. Donations to US-based charitable organizations that receive funds through the Network for Good’s Donor Advised Fund are assessed 5.75%.
    • If a charity is NOT registered with Facebook Payments, any donations received are distributed through the Network for Good’s Donor Advised Fund. These are generally distributed a month-and-a-half after the last day of the month in which the donations were made. For example, a donation made in January would be sent to the nonprofit on March 15th.
  3. If someone donates to a personal cause set up by a supporter, a whopping 6.9% + .30 cents per donation will be assessed. For donations made to personal cause fundraisers in Canada, 8.8% + $.30 of the donation goes to payment processing fees, fundraiser vetting and fraud prevention.
  4. If a donation is made to a Facebook fundraiser that’s linked to a campaign on a nonprofit’s website, the fees charged will be those set by the nonprofit’s payment processor.
    • Donations made through a link to a campaign on your Facebook page will be deposited according to your processor’s guidelines.

For more details, see Facebook’s FAQs here.

So what’s the solution to this confusion and all of those fees? Qgiv’s Donation Form App for Facebook.

When you set up our app, your donation form is added directly to your Facebook page. Donors will see your form and can donate directly to your organization without navigating away from your Facebook page. Processing fees are the same as with donations made on your Qgiv donation form on your website–no hidden charges! If you’re a current client, you can read about adding your donation form to your Facebook page here.

You can also see the entire set-up process for the app here:

The feature is available to all Qgiv clients!. If you’d like more information, contact our Customer Experience Team at [email protected].

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